Thick Palo Santo
Thick Palo Santo
juan in peru holding a large brand of palo santo that he foraged for in his backyard
image shows two thick pieces of palo santo stacked on top of each other
three thick palo santo sticks all laid out next to one another
close up of half a palo santo stick with two others blurred in the background

    Thick Palo Santo


      Palo Santo / Holy Wood [Ethically Sourced] x 1 Per Pack

      Sourced directly from Peru where we support a family of shaman native foragers. Juan's family [you'll see Juan in our images]  owns a large property where the Holy Wood is ethically sourced, from trees that have naturally fallen and dried out over time. Juan's family bless the Holy Wood and invoke it with good intentions, so when it reaches your home and your hands it will ignite magic when burnt. 

      Used for thousands of years to clear unwanted energy, as well as bless a space with intention. Its uses are vast and due to the endangerment of the Amazon, it too is considered endangered and precious. 

      Every Palo Santo stick comes with a story and an energy that makes it a powerful protector and purifier.

      Sweet, gentle, and soft in fragrance. If you are new to using smoke for smudging and looking for something that is not offensive in smell, Palo Santo is very popular as it has a very gentle smell.

      Holy Wood or Palo Santo is available in two strains. Female and Male. The Female is a significantly younger tree [up to 50 years old] and the Male older [up to 200 years old]. Each tree holds their own energetic properties and will aid to balance the masculine and feminine within your space. We both personally use each strain, depending on what we need for that day. 

      Common uses

      • To bring love and good fortune (manifests joy and lifts mood, enhances clarity and concentration)

      • To set an intention (used in spell or ritual ceremonies)

      • Vibrational cleansing/energy removal (for objects and crystals)

      • Smudging a space 

      • Psychic protection

      • Meditation 

      How to use

      Light the wood and allow it to burn for a good amount of time (30 seconds), blow out the flame, and ensure there is smoke coming from the wood. Use the smoke to smudge. Relight if necessary.