Thin Palo Santo
Thin Palo Santo
image shows three thick sticks of palo santo about four centimetres in length and one point five centimetres wide in length
close up of the colours and grains of the palo santo wood to show the high quality of this sacred product
juan holding a large piece of holy wood that is almost the length of his body that he has scavenged

    Thin Palo Santo


      Palo Santo / Holy Wood [Ethically Sourced] x 1 stick per pack

      Sourced directly from Peru where we support Juan's family [you'll see Juan in our images] who is a shaman and owns a large property where the Holy Wood is collected when trees have naturally fallen and dried. Juan blesses the Holy Wood and invokes it with good intentions.

      Used for thousands of years to clear unwanted energy, as well as bless a space with intention. Its uses are vast and due to the endangerment of the Amazon, it too is considered endangered and precious. 

      Every Palo Santo stick comes with a story and an energy that makes it a powerful protector and purifier.

      A soft and pleasant fragrance. If you are looking into using smoke for smudging but do not want it to be pungent [like Sage], Palo Santo is very popular due to its delicate aromatic fragrance.

      Holy Wood or Palo Santo is available in two strains. Female and Male. The Female is a significantly younger tree [up to 50 years old] and the Male older [up to 200 years old]. Each tree holds their own energetic properties and will aid to balance the masculine and feminine within your space. We both personally use each strain, depending on what we need for that day. 

      Beware of fake or engineered palo santo that is dipped or stained to give the illusion that it is real, these can be harmful/poisonous. 


      Common uses

      • To call in love and good fortune to your life (brings joy and lifts the mood, enhances concentration and clarity)

      • Great for setting intentions during spells or ceremony

      • Cleanse and remove unwanted energy from yourself, objects, crystals and spaces

      • Psychic protection

      • Meditation 

      How to use

      Light the wood and allow it to burn for approximately 30 seconds before blowing it, ensure there is smoke coming from the wood and red embers to show it is still alight. Use the smoke to smudge. Relight if necessary. Palo Santo generally does not produce a lot of smoke, so you may find yourself relighting the wood multiple times for larger spaces.