Why we won't do Discounts, Sales or Free Shipping. Ever.

by Georgia & Elyse on May 21, 2021

We have a no bull**** approach to marketing. We're going to be transparent, open and honest with you, because we lead our own lives through integrity and honesty. 

We're making a promise to you and your highest self, that we won't use gimmicky marketing tactics to lead you on, devalue our offerings and most importantly disrespect the medicine.

We've received messages from our guides that a lot of 3D online marketing is not in alignment with the greater plan for you, or us as we take this journey together.

We're not going to piggyback off of annual sale days [Black Friday, Boxing Day, Afterpay Day & more...]. We're not going to 'lure' you into our newsletter/mailing list by incentivising you with 10% off. We're not going to partner or affiliate ourselves with unpaid [product for post] or paid [paid to post & say what we want] influencers or affiliates. We're not going to try to be something we're not, and play pretend by posting on days like Earth Day, Vegan Day, Mother's Day like many brands feel pressured to do to appear relatable, compassionate and kind. 

If you're looking for a 10% sign-up to our newsletter offer, or a post on our Instagram wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with free shipping, you will not see this from us. 

We will not be curating our instagram feed to align to a certain aesthetic to try to look like we're extremely professional or on trend and relatable. We know the most transformative healers we've ever met don't even own a mobile phone, you can't look them up online to find their website and book in a session.

We're breaking all these 3D traditions and cutting through the noise with our offerings which will change your life, one day at a time.

We are unplugging ourselves from a distorted and broken system. We're not here to deceive, lure or put up a fake face to pretend we're something we're not. What you're witnessing with Spirit Of Cacao is the rawness of our journey, the will of the medicine cutting through to reach out to you, no matter where on earth you are [thank you online e-com].

When you follow us, you'll see us unfold and learn along the journey. We hope you can be proud to align with two women ready to disrupt the system, and do what many healers cannot [bring their healing to the masses through an online medium]. 

Here are our why's

  • No Free Shipping.
    When a business offers you free shipping, you are paying for that already in their products markup. The cost of shipping is not something we have added to our markup. We also believe in the value of exchange. When you would like to receive something, you offer something in return. We honour the hardworking systems in place to get our offerings to those who have connected with them from our home to theirs. 
  • No Discounts. Ever.
    We have been divinely guided to ensure that our offerings, including the plant medicine we provide is not discounted for marketing purposes. Energetically, this is not in alignment with our soul. We have priced all our products to be accessible. 
  • No Influences.
    Our offerings are sacred, and as such we will not be sending products or paying influences to provide bias positive experiences or reviews. If you see someone posting about Spirit Of Cacao, it is genuinely from the heart. 
  • No Pretending.
    We won't pretend to be something we're not. We're unapologetically going to show up each and every day as our true selves.
We absolutely love connecting with people in this space, come follow us and get in touch on Instagram, Facebook or via our Contact Us page. Share your story medicine, send us photos of yourself enjoying nature, a ceremony or ritual you practice. We would love nothing more than to witness your journey!



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