ceremonial grade cacao delivered from australia from peru affordable and sacred imbued with reiki energy
100% Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao
Reiki Infused for Mind, Body and Soul Healing
Activate your heart, body and soul with Reiki infused Ceremonial Cacao!

Bring feelings of bliss, energy and alignment into your mornings with Ceremonial Cacao that naturally contains high amounts of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and active compounds.

Organic Peruvian Ceremonial Drinking Cacao | 600g Block

100% Organic Cacao Raw + Cold Pressed | Reiki Infused | Vegan | Keto | GMO-Free | GF | From Peru | Fair Trade

Indulgent, smooth, with sweet undertones that melts in your mouth with ease. The rarest and most luxurious cacao on earth. It is known for its finer tasting qualities. The criollo cacao bean makes up less than 10% of the world's supply of cacao. Each block is lovingly infused with Reiki energy through a deep ceremony.

Deep within the Amazonian Region of Tarapoto, in the San Martin Province of Northern Peru grows the sacred single origin criollo cacao bean in its wild habitat.

Untouched by man, with no interference of chemicals or pesticides, instead with reverence, love and right relationship with Mother Earth.

Our cacao supports the Awajun (Aguaruna), Shipibo-Conibo and Ashaninka tribes.

Ceremonial Cacao is an ancient plant medicine, a heart opener, wisdom keeper and guide who unlocks powerful universal knowledge from within you.

Read more for an in depth process of how our cacao is grown, it's origins and the entire process from bean to bar!

Unfocused? Lacking Energy? Feeling Emotionally Detached?

Cacao is a powerful superfood that may enhance concentration, offer long-lasting energy [without the crash!] and opens the heart centre allowing you to reach a gentle state of euphoria and experience true healing across mind, body and soul.

About Us

We are Georgia + Elyse,
Passionate about natural healing, wellness and self-mastery, we are Master Reiki Practitioners who felt the call to share the sacred Spirit Of Cacao and its deep healing abilities with the world - one sip at a time!

We infuse each batch of cacao with Reiki energy to amplify your manifestations, intentions and chakra realignment all in the comfort of your own home!


Cacao + Reiki Benefits

Once you've experienced cacao + reiki in your life, there's no turning back!
A Natural Mood Elevator
Improves concentration
Experience heightened focus and creativity
Enjoy sustained energy without jitters or crashing
Calms and promotes balance across mind, body & spirit
40 x more Antioxidants than Blueberries⁠
Highest Plant-Based Source of Iron
Full of Magnesium for a Healthy Heart & Brain
More Calcium Than Cow’s Milk

+ a whole lot more!

Sacred Ritual

Each item in our store has its own unique, high frequency. We infuse Reiki energy to amplify its effects. All our treasures are ethically sourced, with a strong emphasis on supporting micro businesses.

shamanic deer and goat skin drum handmade in melbourne by judy a renowned drum maker with a native american drum making background


We share our journey, more about us, our truth and learnings along our journeys and co-creating Spirit Of Cacao as conscious creators.

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