How We Co-Created Spirit Of Cacao

by Georgia & Elyse on April 06, 2022

H E L L O ! //

Thanks for dropping in and having a read of our origin story.

Our names are Elyse and Georgia [Akasha].

We've been in each others lives since 2005 and we always knew and joked how one day we would create something beautiful together.

Fast track to 2020, in Melbourne, on the 23rd of October Spirit Of Cacao was birthed.

H O W   I T   H A P P E N E D //

Elyse and I were enjoying the benefits of cacao in all of it's forms [100% pure powder and ceremonial grade paste] for over 4 years, but never in our wildest dreams would we have known that it would soon become a conscious co-creation of ours that we would share with the world.

Both deeply passionate about health, wellness and personal growth we knew that whatever choices we made in life it would involve these integral pillars.

One day, as we were sipping on our cacao, we playfully pondered what owning our own cacao brand could look like. A safe space to share our universal truths, always in sacred neutral, an invitation to all who are called to cacao, ready to curiously journey deep within to find hidden treasures. We laughed, dreamt and went our seperate ways that day thinking nothing more...

As the days and weeks went on, the universe [or our higher selves, as we like to say] began to show us signals and signs. We shared these signs we were both receiving, and brushed them off with more laughter, however, as the months rolled by and the signs grew louder, they became deafening. 

When I talk about Spirit Of Cacao's origin story, I always say 'The Spirit Of Cacao itself, spoke to me, through signs, symbols and key words in my ear - expressing to me what it wanted Elyse and I to do'. This is exactly what was happening, I would partake in a deeper cacao ritual to make space to receive what it was Mama Cacao wished for us to assist her with, and then take action on it. Whether it was something like 'just... find some cacao farmers.. taste some samples' or 'Please... never discount the medicine, keep it at one accessible price for all'.

One day, I phoned Elyse and said, 'We're both receiving these messages, they are so clear... I think we need to have a long hard think about whether this is something we are ready for.' We both went deeper with cacao to listen for answers, this we knew would be a life changing decision. We knew this meant to be of total service to not only Mama Cacao but Mother Earth and would put a lot more on our plates on all aspects of our lives - which we already at the time, had a lot on.

Elyse phoned me a couple of days later and said, 'Full body YES to this adventure with you!' and we got straight into researching all things ceremonial grade cacao. 

We got in touch with over 18 cacao farmers and collectives to hear their stories, share their cacao, taste and feel the different energies of each cacao. We did intense research on efficacy, ethical practices, supply chain, the market & industry as well as looking at certifications and understanding what each certification stands for and how it is obtained. 

I then received a big push to participate in a shamanic style cacao ceremony and facilitation course to become accredited, but also to really go deeper with the spirit of cacao [When I say accredited, I am saying, no one can give you permission to express your authenticity and your personal medicine or what you came on earth into this experience to do, other than YOU - so take whatever teachings you receive with a grain of salt, and never allow them to limit or define your unique style]. 

My personal style is deeply rooted in shamanic ways since 2013-14 of living and experiencing so I always invite shamanic leaders my way so I can experience more. As I participated in this 3 day long facilitators course, I received so many activations and 'YES'!' which gave me the courage to push through fears, doubts, self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs.

T H E   C A C A O   B L O C K  //

We received a parcel from a cacao farming collective, and as soon as Elyse and I opened, looked and felt into the energy of this particular cacao we knew it was the cacao we wanted to share with the world.

We wanted to support the growers in the amazonian regions of Jaén, Juanjui, Tarapoto, Ayacucho, Tingo María, Satipo, and Quillabamba in Peru that lovingly speak to the cacao trees, follow traditional methods of farming and processing the cacao beans, and overall provided stable jobs that welcomed the citizens of Peru with open arms.

Another important reason for us was paying an above market industry price so that farmers and the supply chain were fairly remunerated for their hard work and effort. This was one of the few cacaos that ticked all of our boxes.

W H A T   M A K E S    U S    S P E C I A L  //

We imbue all of our products with Source Love Energy or commonly known as Reiki. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. We set up sacred space, cleanse and clear all of our products using sage and palo santo and then channel Reiki energy through the palm of our hands via a non-touch method over all our products in one big batch. 

We also utilise symbolism to call in powerful energies to elevate and accelerate the potent healing properties of cacao.

Our 600g blocks feature Metatrons Cube on the packaging. It represents the journey of energy throughout the universe, and of balance within the universe. It is a bringer of truth, and we wish this for all of humanity to step into the truth we have come into the human form to experience. Great for landing manifestations into reality too - so get to wishing!⁠

As part of our logo we have the chokurei reiki symbol which places the power of the entire universe directly onto your cacao [or whatever else you choose to store in this box once your cacao has been drank].⁠

N O W  //

Now, here we are... attending markets, events, ceremonies, stocked in stores and supporting facilitators with this beautiful cacao we put 10 months into sourcing and feeling into prior to bringing it out to the world.

Continue exploring this journey with us as we share on our blog, in our emails and our online spaces like Instagram or Facebook.


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