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    Healers Selenite Wand | Large in Size


      Selenite Wand

      Please note: Length varies between 25-30cm and Thickness varies between 4-6cm.

      The only crystal you'll ever need! It is used in lieu of any crystal on earth. Using intention, you can request from Selenite what you intend for it to be used for, and it will become that.

      Selenite is a highly revered crystal used by healers all over the globe. It provides protection and shields a person or space from outside influences which makes it great for meditation/ceremonies/rituals.

      The protection it offers comes directly from the angelic realm, and instantaneously dispels negative energy. It will allow you to connect with your guides, guardians, Christ Consciousness, and Higher Self.

      It has a calming and soothing effect, bringing deep peace and a true sense of tranquility. Aids in access to past and future lives. Brings mental clarity, clearing confusion, and revealing the bigger picture behind a problem. What we're trying to say here is, there is literally nothing this crystal can't do!

      Associated with the skeletal system and crown chakra.

      Can be used with Reiki, to cleanse other crystals, channeling Angels, spirits, guides, oracles, prayer, and smudging. 

      Please avoid washing your selenite with water. it is a salt-based crystal and it will erode in water.

      Personally, we keep about 40 selenite wands around our homes in various places and we always get great feedback about how wonderful our spaces feel!

      How to use

      Here are some ways you can incorporate your new selenite wand.

      • Wave over your auric field to remove others' energy from you.
      • Use during a healing session with clients.
      • Put with other crystals to cleanse those crystals.
      • Meditate with selenite.
      • Take it with you wherever you go to shield and protect your energetic field from interference from others.

      Country of origin: Morroco 

      Dimensions: Length varies between 15-20cm and Thickness varies between 4-6cm