A night of meditation, reiki & sacred cacao 

T H E   N I G H T

This event is a Hands of Soul X Spirit of Cacao collaboration.

Location: Kozen Yoga Studio, Hawthorn
Date: 23rd July 2021
Time: 7 - 9 pm
* Please note: doors will be open between 6.45-7 then will be closed to respect the sacred space
The Aquarius full moon is quincunx to Venus, with a strong focus on relationship irritants and karmic imbalances involving love and affection. The major theme is the irritation caused by trying to balance perceived polarities in your life. With this noted, it is the perfect opportunity to turn inwards and fill your own cup with the love and affection you yearn from others and take that time to relax and pamper yourself. We host these full moon events to smoothen the bumps on life’s road, so you can feel centred, grounded and confident walking back out into the world.
The Circle will include Breathwork exercises, Reiki, a guided Meditation and a Sacred Cacao Ceremony. There will also be opportunities to share and connect with others throughout the night.

T O   B R I N G

~ an extra layer of clothing for meditation
~ water
~ journal + pen
~ a keep cup for your cacao drink
~ your yoga mat (if you wish)

blankets will be provided

If you have any questions, please contact us through our WebsiteEventbrite or Facebook - not through Kozen Yoga Studio.

S A V E   M E   A   S P O T

Please purchase your ticket through eventbrite Full Moon Meditation July.

We are looking forward to seeing you + sharing this beautiful night with you.

Light & Love
Jamilla, Georgia, Elyse, Brenna