Ceremonial cacao is an ancient revered plant medicine that opens the heart space and connects us to the divine.
organic cacao mass used for daily ritual or ceremony based in melbourne australia
six hundred grams organic cacao

    Organic Peruvian Ceremonial Drinking Cacao 600g


      Connect, feel and heal with cacao's powerful transformative spirit

      20g dose serving | 30 serves | $2.20 per serve | 600g Block

      Each block is lovingly infused with Reiki energy through a deep ceremony. Ceremonial cacao is an ancient revered plant known for opening and connecting deep into the heart space and with the divine.

      Best consumed as a brew, it amplifies the opening of consciousness in a gentle yet profound way. Allow yourself to connect and come back to center as you align on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

      Simple daily cacao recipe

        Taste profile

        Indulgent, smooth, with sweet undertones that melts in your mouth with ease.

        The rarest and most luxurious cacao on earth. It is known for its finer tasting qualities.  The criollo cacao bean makes up less than 10% of the world's supply of cacao. 

        100% Raw Cacao Cold Pressed | Reiki Infused | Vegan | Keto | GMO-Free | From Peru

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