compostable kraft pouch with spirit of cacao logo and cacao mass or cacao liquor or ceremonial grade cacao from peru in australia on a plain background
the back of the home compostable grade pouch that has ceremonial grade cacao chopped and layered at the front to see what is inside the packet on a plain background

    Organic Peruvian Ceremonial Drinking Cacao 250g


      100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Wild Grown Criollo Cacao Mass

      20g dose serving | 12 serves | $2.64 per serve | Pre-Cut Cacao 

      Our cacao is imbued with Reiki energy to amplify and supercharge your ritual practice. We're all about bringing the sacred into every conscious moment and drinking cacao is a great way to centre, ground and connect into the heart space to set the tone for the day or week ahead. 

      Best consumed as a brew, allow yourself a moment to tap in and connect to centre as you align on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

      Simple daily cacao recipe

        Taste profile

        Cold pressed Criollo cacao has the closest taste to chocolate we are familiar with in the West. It is indulgent, smooth, with sweet undertones, and melts in your mouth with ease.

        The rarest and most luxurious cacao on earth. It is known for its finer tasting qualities. 

        100% Raw Cacao Cold Pressed | Reiki Infused | Vegan | Keto | GMO-Free | From Peru


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