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Organic Peruvian Ceremonial Drinking Cacao | 1kg Bag Pre-Chopped sacred taste ceremony cacao sugar free preservative free non-gmo
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    Organic Peruvian Ceremonial Drinking Cacao | 1kg Bag Pre-Chopped

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      100% Organic Ceremonial Wild Grown Peruvian Single Origin Cacao 

      20g dose serving | 50 serves | $2.45 per serve | Pre-Chopped Chunks of Cacao 

      Our Reiki infused Cacao is life changing - It encompasses four bliss activating chemicals in the brain which brings feelings of joy, expansion and happiness!

      We recommend having cacao 2-3 times a week to experience the full effects of both the Reiki and Cacao.

      Deep within the Amazonian Region of Tarapoto, in the San Martin Province of Northern Peru grows the sacred single origin criollo cacao bean in its wild habitat.

      Untouched by man, with no interference of chemicals or pesticides, instead with reverence and love alongside Sophia Gaia our Mother Earth - as intended.

      Your investment in this cacao is directly impacts the indigenous peoples and keepers of this sacred plant through fair trade and ethical consumption - you're also helping to support their families and ensuring their wages are above local pay rates.

      Start your morning with a warm cup of reiki infused cacao to feel the difference. 

      Warning: may cause involuntary smiling, tonnes more sustainable energy [without the coffee crash] and breaking out into impromptu dancing in public have been reported.

      Ingredients: 100% Cacao - Your cacao will arrive with an array of brown coloured layers all throughout, this is completely normal. Cacao is not one solid brown looking colour.

      Simple daily cacao recipe

        Taste profile

        Cold pressed Criollo [single origin] cacao is the smoothest tasting and has a very similar taste profile to chocolate we are familiar with in the West. It is indulgent, smooth, with sweet undertones, and melts in your mouth with ease.

        The rarest and most luxurious cacao on earth. It is known for its finer tasting qualities. 

        100% Raw Cacao Cold Pressed | Reiki Infused | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Preservative Free | Keto | GMO-Free | From Peru


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 6 reviews
          Wholesome and Delicious

          Loving the flavour and have it almost daily. It definitely helps me feel more grounded, energised and connected to myself.


          I just bought my third 1kg bag of Spirit of Caco! I tried different cacao over the years and this is by far the best. It feels so pure, healing, heathy and also delicious. It’s become a ritual to have a cup (almost) every morning together with some medicinal mushrooms blends. I noticed I feel more centered, focused and my energy is more consistent throughout the day. Also great to drink before a yoga practice or meditation. It really helps me be more receptive and alert.

          rowena morrison

          Delicious cacao. Smooth and the best part of my morning.

          Sarah Ryntjes
          delicious way to start the day

          Nothing better than the daily ritual of chopping my cacao then heating it before taking the time to sit and enjoy its beautiful flavours. Much better than a morning coffee


          I sent a message with my order to ask for a quick delivery because I needed it for an event. They made sure I got it in two days!! I love this cacao, I can't recommend it enough!

          Customer Reviews

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