This event is a Hands of Soul x Spirit of Cacao x Samantha Jane Ronalds collaboration.

Location: MAF Studio: 3/333 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd, Emerald VIC 3782
Date: 8th August 2021
Time: 5:30 - 8:30pm  * Please note: doors will be closed at 5:45 pm to respect the sacred space.
Investment: $66

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We are coming together during the Lionsgate 88 Portal, which is the combination of the numerology 8/8, the Sun in Leo and the rising star, Sirius, to utilise this potent energy to call in and create balance, peace, and new beginnings for ourselves and the earth. This powerful galactic portal allows high vibrational energy to be sent to Earth where people who tap in can experience great transformation within their lives.
The Circle will include a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing whilst you are gentle guided through a transformative Meditation. There will also be opportunities to share and connect with others throughout the night and time for self-reflection and journaling.


~ journal + pen
~ a crystal or totem item that has meaning to you
~ an extra layer of clothing for meditation
~ water
~ a keep cup for your cacao drink
~ your yoga mat (if you wish)

Blankets will be provided

If you have any questions, please contact us via email
We are looking forward to seeing you + sharing this beautiful night with you.

Light & Love

Samantha, Jamilla, Georgia, Elyse, Brenna


Georgia and Elyse [Spirit Of Cacao]

Georgia and Elyse, both Master Reiki Practitioners, have co-created Spirit Of Cacao to share the deep healing abilities of 100% raw cacao. Made in Peru specifically for medicine men to use in ceremony, from single-origin Criollo, they imbue each batch of cacao with Reiki to amplify it's effects. The cacao is vegan and organic certified with a divine energetic frequency. Passionate about health, wellness and healing they will be offering the sacred Spirit Of Cacao as an opening to the evening and reiki to participants as they meditate.

Elyse is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Reiki Master. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old Indian healing modality that brings your body, mind and soul back into balance for a healthy life free from ailments. This is done through the use of routines, diet, thought processing, herbs, and specialised massaged and bodywork for your unique needs.

Georgia is a cacao facilitator, Reiki Master and Pellowah healer with natural Theta healing abilities who is passionate about bringing plant medicine that is ethical and creates abundance for all.

Samantha Ronalds [Soul Nourish Wellbeing]

Samantha creates from the heart and weaves a cosmic symphony of sound to awaken your healing power leaving you whole, nourished and floating in beauty.
As an Artist, Crystal Reiki lover and Hyno- explorer of past-lives, she guides you on a journey to discover your Soul and feel balanced and connected to your creativity and inspiration.
Originally from north-west England, Samantha blends her Celtic ancestry with the energy of Avalon, the Angelic realm and Faery magic. Her artwork channels the spirit of the Goddess, nature and sacred geometry.
She can be found in her little studio in Cockatoo, painting, drinking tea and dancing under the starry skies.
Jamilla McCoy [Hands of Soul]

Jamilla is a Kindergarten teacher by day and Holistic Assistant at ‘Hands of Soul’ by night. Jamilla is a Reiki Master Practitioner, treating mostly children and animals and also works within the disability support space. Within her work and treatments, Jamilla aims to create loving, gentle and safe spaces that support healing, invite conversation and promote authentic self-expression. Jamilla will also be offering Reiki to participants as they meditate.
Brenna Kay Heraty [Hands of Soul]

Brenna is a Meditation Guide, Holistic Nurse and founder of 'Hands of Soul'. Brenna is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher with over 16 years experience, weaving elements of meditation, reflection and integration into her practice. Passionate about natural healing, wholeness and self-mastery, Brenna aims to empower others through authentic connection and gentle guidance.
Brenna will lovingly guide us through a meditation grounded in release and empowerment. The intention of our space is to honour mind, body and soul, bringing your whole being into greater balance.