fifteen inch deer skin drum pulled over a circular pine hoop with a hand holding the drum from the back and a hand in front beating the drum with a beater made of a real tree branch and handmade topper to drum
the back side of a fifteen inch shamanic hand drum exposing the spikes of native american stringing made from deer skin

    15 Inch Native American Shamanic Drum


      Native American hand held shamanic hoop drum

      Each drum is one of a kind. These drums are shamanic, hand made with love and care from deer or goat skin and the hoop is Australian pine made by the one and only Judy, a drum maker since 1996. Judy is a powerful medicine woman with the gift of bringing through each persons unique energy into every drum she makes. You are guaranteed to feel shivers the moment you hold your new shamanic drum. 

      The drum helps us to connect to our Earth Mother’s heartbeat and is a means of healing and awakening ourselves and others as we play it.  Drums possess a life and personality of their own and may assist in centring you and act as a tool in communicating with higher forms of wisdom within the spiritual realm.

      Your drum comes with a 15 inch hoop and a stick to beat with that's decorated with beads, shells and feathers.

      Each drum also has an individual totem animal medicine, and is smudged and blessed in ceremony.

      Please note this item includes Free Shipping and will be sent separately from your other Spirit of Cacao goodies.